Donnerstag, 21. Dezember 2017

Big Planing Day

Good morning

The last couple of week I dived in deep into the topic of goal setting.
The reason for that is that I have the feeling to be stuck since I m back in German. I feel like nothing is happening anymore. There for I like to accomplish something in the upcoming year. I already set some goals already and will finalize them today.
Today I like to do a planing day!
As soon as I get up is will put some color in my hear and set up my new table.

I first will finish my “class” of #DYD2018 and after the dive in to my new Lisa Jacobs “Your Best Year 2018” workbook. I hope it will be awesome and give me some direction for the next year!
Another thing I have to get a move on today is my little Christmas project.

So as you see my list is long for today. But what is with yours?
Does anyone have set thoughtful goals for the next year?
Please share them and inspire more people to make there year of 2018 the best ever!


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