Dienstag, 24. Mai 2016

The best is yet to come!


I dont have much to tell the last week. I live my au pair life, meet friends and work. But that is basically it.

My family is looking for a new au pair, that's quit sad because I like to stay longer but they are scared they don't find someone if I stay longer. It's quit ridicules but I can't change it.
That means for me, to leave in the middle of winter and find something new to do. I can't really save up here because I do to much.
I really not sure how to move on from here.

I wrote some applications to other families, mostly on the south island and just hope to get a job there. Until than I will try to finish my travels on the north island. I will get two more weeks off in July. Sadly that I have an appointment the first week on Thursday, which I can't move. So I m not sure how I will do it. The other thing is that in the second week a friend of mine will leave, to get back to Germany, on Friday. That's really sad and not good for my travel plans. But the time will show what and how I will do it.

So right now I basically just plan and a little worry what comes next. Even if I'm sure there is no reason to worry because somehow but will all work out. But I can't help it.


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