Mittwoch, 18. Mai 2016

Jounaling I


Since my little road trip nothing, important happened and due to my bad stomach last week I didn't felt like blogging. I was really sick and now I'm more than happy that it is over.

But even I wasn't feeling well, I tried to do some things beside watching Netflix and sleeping.
I spend a lot of time on Instgram, browsing through picture and found some inspiration.
One thing in particular caught my eyes.

And it was journaling again.
I love having notebooks, I love to write everything down and I just love to look through old notebooks. On Instgram are so many creative people, how make so much out of a boring page and I m not one of them. I can't draw and I way to self-critic, so I hardly ever like was I draw or decorat.
But I really like to give it another try. Most fascinating to me, are the trackers. There are people out there how track everything, from there water they drink a day, the hours of sleep, sports, food, mood, everything.
I did try some of it but always forgot to write it down on the end of the day.
Another thing I now try out is the goal track.
Giving myself a goal and track my way to it. For me I got 2 things I try it on.
First is the Kernstaub track.
Kernstaub is a book I try to read for a long time, but 900 pages look terrifying to me. So I create a page for it.

The book has 56 chapters and I know that in the end the first letter of every chapter will become a sentence.
I will see how that works out. Hopefully it will keep me motivated.

The other goal I wanna track it my hiking.
Since I m in New Zealand I do way more hiking then ever before and I gave myself the kinda small goal to hike 200 km until I leave. That is not to much for still 9 months to go.

For every 10k I will color one on the shoe. :)

I hope all of you are well and please let me know if you are being one of us notebook freaks!


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