Dienstag, 3. Mai 2016

Busy Weekend


It is already May. How the hell did that happen ?
Maybe because I m busy?

With out even planing it, my weekend was packed. First I didn't know what to do.
On Saturday we went to Port Wailato. We that's some other au pairs and me. We filled up the 7 seat "people mover", it wasn't the best idea in the end, and drove off. I really got motion sickness so the drive was hell for me. But the place was gorgeous. It is kinda a delta where the river meets the ocean. a wonderful place with sand dunes. Three of us went swimming but I didn't, I didn't bring swimming choth. So we just sitting on the dunes and enjoyed the sun.

After the swim We played wizard and of course I was one of the losers.
As we just started our journey home we realized a noise. Apparently we are to fat. The car was sitting on the wheels. We didn't notice that on the way there because it was really loud in the car. And we had to drive 45 minutes to get back.
I better not telling how we got back but it wasn't legal.
The evening I spend at Clara's house. We watched a movie and I stayed over night.

On Sunday we did another hike at the Hanua Regional Park. It was beautiful. The weather was great, a little to warm for my taste but who is complaining. It was a 3 hour hike. I don't remember how the walk was called. (Wairoa Loop)
But we had some nice views. One of the lookouts was again a little disappointing and blocked by a hugh pile of sand. The second one was way better and we kinda made a picnic.

After that hard walk we needed an ice cream. Nicci knew one. It was really good and cheap. Two giant scoops  for 3$. And it was delicious. A place to remember!

Yesterday I was just working like today, too. So quite lazy.


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