Samstag, 16. April 2016

The first week in Pukekohe


It is really fascinating, as soon as I get in a normal living situation I forget about blogging. One reason is I m not doing so much new stuff and another one is I m really busy.

I m in the family for a week now and I really like it. The kids are great and I already made some friends with the other au pairs. Right now I m at the pool with the kids and they don't wanna go home. So I just try to use that time.

Since I m here I almost been with at lest one of the other au pairs our. We went swimming, had a game night and coffee several times.
On day I went hiking. I walked for 3 hours and saw a dam and the hanua falls. I still trying to live on a low budget and not paying for a stay and food helps a lot.

Due to I m off next week, I will leave for travel tomorrow again. I will meet another au pair down in Taupo. Let's see what we will be doing.


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