Dienstag, 12. April 2016

Let's do a tag today!


Today I wanna step away from my travel for just a moment and wanna do a tag. Yes it is that "liebster Blogaward" tag. I know that tag has nothing to do anymore with someone's favorite blog, just because of the hole Facebook story "who likes to be nominated?". But still I like to answer the questions, just for fun and to tell people about the history and the thoughts behind my blog.
I have been tagged by Christina.

Welche ist deine Lieblings-Süßigkeit?
I don't really know, but one of them are m+m peanut

Welches Lebensmittel hasst du über alles?
I can't stand raw tomatoes

In welchen Ländern warst du schon?
Oh some? USA, New Zealand, Germany,Poland,UK, Malta,Italy, France, Czech, Canada and more.

Was war dein schönstes (oder) schlimmstes Reiseerlebnis?
I can't tell, I had so many nice experience and also some bad one's. There are places I liked more than others. My favorite place so far is still Washington state.
I had one bad experience with Couchsurfing in a messi house or with someone who was an drug addict.

Welche Person hat dein Leben am meisten geprägt?
I m not sure. There is no single person I could name there are many. And I believe that every person we meet gas an impact on or lives.

Welcher ist dein Lieblingsblog?
That is still nebelecho from Marie Graßhof

Gibt es etwas, dass du überhaupt nicht kannst?
I can't jog, I fall over my one feet.

Wie verbringst du einen typischen freien Tag?
Due to I m traveling right now, I hit the road and go somewhere like a national park or go for a hike, to th beach or just drive around.

Welches Wetter hättest du gerne das ganze Jahr?
Something like right now. Fall or spring, when it is not to cold but not hot aigther. The perfect time to travel and still be able to sleep in the car.

Wie würden deine Freunde dich mit einem Wort beschreiben?
I don't know we have to ask them.

That's it. I will not nominated anyone because I don't have many blogs according to the rules and I don't like to nominated just someone because I feel I have to, without rally knowing what they blog about.

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