Freitag, 29. April 2016

Instagram challenge in May


The last few days didn't really happen anything, I went out for coffee and saw some friends. That was it.

So because I don't have much to tell today, I wanna tell you what I m up to in May.
Over Facebook I found a girl who is doing a challenge on instagram in May. She wrote down a list with themes and we are supposed to post a picture every day, related bto the list.
I decided to participate in this challenge because it is to tell others about yourself, your blog and why are you doing what you do.
My blog started as a kind of dairy, then I invite friends and now I love to share my thoughts, adventures and experience with everyone. But a lot of people who read my blog, don't know me or why I m writing. So I think this challenge is wonderful to introduce myself and my blog to new people and to people who are already following me.
There for I am planning my posts on instagram right now to show you my intentions.

Please feel free to follow this challenge under #meetthebloggerde or of cause on
my instagram account (

I also will post ever picture on my Facebook page (

I hope this challenge will be a full success and if you have questions you like to have answered write me in the comments or per e-mail.


Ps: It is still time to participate in the challenge, just if someone likes to.

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