Montag, 25. April 2016

I saw Kiwis!


I m back from my trip now. We came back yesterday, so a day early. The weather wasn't so good that we decided to just go home.

On Friday we went to rainbow springs. That is kinda like a zoo, but they had mostly native New Zealand animals, like the Tui, Kea and of course Kiwis. They are looking a little weird for a bird but they are cute. We so 4 different ones. Rainbow Springs has an cooperation with the Department of Conservation (doc) it called Kiwis Encounter. That means they get wild Kiwi eggs from all over the country and make sure that they hatch. Out in the wild, 95% of the chicks die before they are 6 months old. That's why people keep monitoring the birds in the wild and steal there eggs. So they make sure that about 75% survive the first 6 months. The biggest danger for the Kiwi are dogs, cats and stouts. The Kiwi Encounter keeps the birds until they are a kilogram, because than there are just two predators left. The dogs and the cats. After that time they get released to the wild again.
We learned a lot about the Kiwi for example there are 5 different species of Kiwi or that it is not to 100% sure if the Kiwi is really a bird or how territorial they are. I could tell so much more.

We also saw a bird show and many lizards. We spend almost the hole day in Rainbow Springs and at night we watched a movie at the cinema.

Saturday it was time to leave Rotorua and slowly make are way back. But first we did a walk at the redwoods. It was really beautiful and hard because I still have my cold. The lookout was really bad and not worth the way up.  but the woods itself was great, with all the big tree's and (because we got there early) really quite.
Afterwards we got on the road. We made a stop at the Adrenaline forest. It is a park where you can climb in the trees. Irma and I did the first 3 levels out of 6. I tryed the 4 one but I couldn't complete it, it was just to hard. It toke us around 3 hours.
Then we drove to our campsite McLaren park it was a wonderful park on a lake with water, very loud birds, ducks and glowworms. The Ranger told us about a little walk we should do after sunset where we can see 1000 of glowworms. Of course we did that. After dinner we made are way to the track and it was really breathtaking. You looked at the site of the path and it looked like the night sky everywhere little stars on the ground or the walls. It is indescribable it was so beautiful. It was really dark and the glowworms are so distracting that it was hard to find the path.

On Sunday it was raining the hole day so we just drove home.

And today was not really much to do. We went for a coffee and to say goodbye to Julia how is leaving tomorrow. Now I sitting at the duke pond and write this here.


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