Donnerstag, 21. April 2016

Getting sick in Taupo

The last days were busy and I got sick.
On Tuesday we spend the hole day hiking. Right in the morning I fell kinda bad and hit my head so it wasn't the best start in the day. But it was not so bad.
The first walk we did was the Creaters of the Moon. We didn't really see them the day before so we decided to go there again. It was rear nice. It did stink a little. But it was fascinating to see the volcanic activity. We really toke our time. Afterwards we drove to Kinloch. It's about 20 km away from Taupo. There we did an 3.5 hour walk to a lookout over the bay. The lookout was not so impressive, on the way there we had better owns. After that we were pretty tired and just went to bed.

The next morning I wasn't feeling well. I could barely move my head, my throat was hurting and I just felt sick. But I am on travel there is no time to be sick and I really hoped it would go away.
So we went to the hot stream. I thought maybe it isn't the best idea to go swimming when I don't feel well but on the other hand, if you sick you should take a hot bath. So I did it anyway. It was so relaxing the hot water.
Afterwards we went shopping for our boat ride in the afternoon.
The boat ride was really nice we didn't have any wind so we couldn't use the sails. Our skipper was a nice woman who did a lot of sailing in her life. And not just of lake Taupo. She told us stories about the lake and the Maori carving. Overall it was a nice evening. The weather was great and also the view. She told us that the lake is so big that you can't see the other side because of the earth bending. It was really interesting to listen to her.
As the trip was over we got back to our campsite. I didn't feel well so I trunk liters of tea and was just sick. I couldn't do anything anymore and just went to bed. That is easier said then done if two person sleep in the trunk of the car. I toke all kinds of flu pills and vitamins and fever release. I did had a slightly fever. I was worried about that because I really don't like to go to the doctor. The night was really long and my dreams went crazy. I woke up several times.

Luckily today I feel better. My throat isn't hurting anymore and nighter is my neck. But I got a stuffed nose. It is not nice but something I can live with. Today we made our way up to Rotorua. We stopped at the Thermal Wonderland. We both wanted to go there but maybe the next day but as we realized that we already there we did it today. We came there around 9 o'clock. The woman at the entrance told us that the Lady Knox geyser was due to erupted at quarter past 10. So we drove over to that location. It wasn't a natural eruption the guide was putting some kind of soap in there to make it eruped. It was quit kneed to see. Afterwards we went back to the park and toke are time walking around. Here it did really stink. We saw a lot of hot pools with boiling water and mud in it. At first there was so much fog we could barely see a think but soon the fog was gone. It is just fascinating to see how the earth is changing.
After that we drove to the mud pools. The boiling mud.
Blubber blubber blub.
It was now already afternoon so we drove to our campsite site in Rotorua. We cooked some linner and toke a long and hot shower. Every Thursday there is a so called night market in the city but it is more like one stand of fruit and vegetables and the rest is selling food.


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