Freitag, 29. April 2016

Instagram challenge in May


The last few days didn't really happen anything, I went out for coffee and saw some friends. That was it.

So because I don't have much to tell today, I wanna tell you what I m up to in May.
Over Facebook I found a girl who is doing a challenge on instagram in May. She wrote down a list with themes and we are supposed to post a picture every day, related bto the list.
I decided to participate in this challenge because it is to tell others about yourself, your blog and why are you doing what you do.
My blog started as a kind of dairy, then I invite friends and now I love to share my thoughts, adventures and experience with everyone. But a lot of people who read my blog, don't know me or why I m writing. So I think this challenge is wonderful to introduce myself and my blog to new people and to people who are already following me.
There for I am planning my posts on instagram right now to show you my intentions.

Please feel free to follow this challenge under #meetthebloggerde or of cause on
my instagram account (

I also will post ever picture on my Facebook page (

I hope this challenge will be a full success and if you have questions you like to have answered write me in the comments or per e-mail.


Ps: It is still time to participate in the challenge, just if someone likes to.

Montag, 25. April 2016

I saw Kiwis!


I m back from my trip now. We came back yesterday, so a day early. The weather wasn't so good that we decided to just go home.

On Friday we went to rainbow springs. That is kinda like a zoo, but they had mostly native New Zealand animals, like the Tui, Kea and of course Kiwis. They are looking a little weird for a bird but they are cute. We so 4 different ones. Rainbow Springs has an cooperation with the Department of Conservation (doc) it called Kiwis Encounter. That means they get wild Kiwi eggs from all over the country and make sure that they hatch. Out in the wild, 95% of the chicks die before they are 6 months old. That's why people keep monitoring the birds in the wild and steal there eggs. So they make sure that about 75% survive the first 6 months. The biggest danger for the Kiwi are dogs, cats and stouts. The Kiwi Encounter keeps the birds until they are a kilogram, because than there are just two predators left. The dogs and the cats. After that time they get released to the wild again.
We learned a lot about the Kiwi for example there are 5 different species of Kiwi or that it is not to 100% sure if the Kiwi is really a bird or how territorial they are. I could tell so much more.

We also saw a bird show and many lizards. We spend almost the hole day in Rainbow Springs and at night we watched a movie at the cinema.

Saturday it was time to leave Rotorua and slowly make are way back. But first we did a walk at the redwoods. It was really beautiful and hard because I still have my cold. The lookout was really bad and not worth the way up.  but the woods itself was great, with all the big tree's and (because we got there early) really quite.
Afterwards we got on the road. We made a stop at the Adrenaline forest. It is a park where you can climb in the trees. Irma and I did the first 3 levels out of 6. I tryed the 4 one but I couldn't complete it, it was just to hard. It toke us around 3 hours.
Then we drove to our campsite McLaren park it was a wonderful park on a lake with water, very loud birds, ducks and glowworms. The Ranger told us about a little walk we should do after sunset where we can see 1000 of glowworms. Of course we did that. After dinner we made are way to the track and it was really breathtaking. You looked at the site of the path and it looked like the night sky everywhere little stars on the ground or the walls. It is indescribable it was so beautiful. It was really dark and the glowworms are so distracting that it was hard to find the path.

On Sunday it was raining the hole day so we just drove home.

And today was not really much to do. We went for a coffee and to say goodbye to Julia how is leaving tomorrow. Now I sitting at the duke pond and write this here.


Donnerstag, 21. April 2016

Getting sick in Taupo

The last days were busy and I got sick.
On Tuesday we spend the hole day hiking. Right in the morning I fell kinda bad and hit my head so it wasn't the best start in the day. But it was not so bad.
The first walk we did was the Creaters of the Moon. We didn't really see them the day before so we decided to go there again. It was rear nice. It did stink a little. But it was fascinating to see the volcanic activity. We really toke our time. Afterwards we drove to Kinloch. It's about 20 km away from Taupo. There we did an 3.5 hour walk to a lookout over the bay. The lookout was not so impressive, on the way there we had better owns. After that we were pretty tired and just went to bed.

The next morning I wasn't feeling well. I could barely move my head, my throat was hurting and I just felt sick. But I am on travel there is no time to be sick and I really hoped it would go away.
So we went to the hot stream. I thought maybe it isn't the best idea to go swimming when I don't feel well but on the other hand, if you sick you should take a hot bath. So I did it anyway. It was so relaxing the hot water.
Afterwards we went shopping for our boat ride in the afternoon.
The boat ride was really nice we didn't have any wind so we couldn't use the sails. Our skipper was a nice woman who did a lot of sailing in her life. And not just of lake Taupo. She told us stories about the lake and the Maori carving. Overall it was a nice evening. The weather was great and also the view. She told us that the lake is so big that you can't see the other side because of the earth bending. It was really interesting to listen to her.
As the trip was over we got back to our campsite. I didn't feel well so I trunk liters of tea and was just sick. I couldn't do anything anymore and just went to bed. That is easier said then done if two person sleep in the trunk of the car. I toke all kinds of flu pills and vitamins and fever release. I did had a slightly fever. I was worried about that because I really don't like to go to the doctor. The night was really long and my dreams went crazy. I woke up several times.

Luckily today I feel better. My throat isn't hurting anymore and nighter is my neck. But I got a stuffed nose. It is not nice but something I can live with. Today we made our way up to Rotorua. We stopped at the Thermal Wonderland. We both wanted to go there but maybe the next day but as we realized that we already there we did it today. We came there around 9 o'clock. The woman at the entrance told us that the Lady Knox geyser was due to erupted at quarter past 10. So we drove over to that location. It wasn't a natural eruption the guide was putting some kind of soap in there to make it eruped. It was quit kneed to see. Afterwards we went back to the park and toke are time walking around. Here it did really stink. We saw a lot of hot pools with boiling water and mud in it. At first there was so much fog we could barely see a think but soon the fog was gone. It is just fascinating to see how the earth is changing.
After that we drove to the mud pools. The boiling mud.
Blubber blubber blub.
It was now already afternoon so we drove to our campsite site in Rotorua. We cooked some linner and toke a long and hot shower. Every Thursday there is a so called night market in the city but it is more like one stand of fruit and vegetables and the rest is selling food.


Montag, 18. April 2016



From Taupo.
Yesterday I made my way down to Taupo. The drive wasn't as long as I thought.
In Taupo I meet Irma and Julia, they did the tongariro crossing on Saturday. Irma will stay with me for the next week and Julia had to go home.
The weather was not good so we didn't do much. We went to the huka falls and than to the campsite. It is a free campsite close to the falls.
We tryed how it is to sleep in the car together because it was raining and we didn't wanted to build the tent. It is ok with two persons sleeping in the car. I thought I would be weird or to small but it is ok. The rain was really loud and keep me up all night.

Today we slept in and went horse riding. It was quite expensive but I liked it. My horse was called Rogan. He was nice. We did an one hour ride. It said we would see the craters of the mood but no not really. That's really sad I really wanted to see it. But here in Taupo you have to pay for everything. Even for same walks that's ridicules.

After the ride I lost my flip flops. Great job Marie.

The rest of the day we spent in Taupo city wandering around and taking some pictures. I finally bought myself a hat. We booked a boat ride to the Maori carvings for Wednesday and that's it.

Now we are in the car again and it is already dark at 6:30 pm.


Samstag, 16. April 2016

The first week in Pukekohe


It is really fascinating, as soon as I get in a normal living situation I forget about blogging. One reason is I m not doing so much new stuff and another one is I m really busy.

I m in the family for a week now and I really like it. The kids are great and I already made some friends with the other au pairs. Right now I m at the pool with the kids and they don't wanna go home. So I just try to use that time.

Since I m here I almost been with at lest one of the other au pairs our. We went swimming, had a game night and coffee several times.
On day I went hiking. I walked for 3 hours and saw a dam and the hanua falls. I still trying to live on a low budget and not paying for a stay and food helps a lot.

Due to I m off next week, I will leave for travel tomorrow again. I will meet another au pair down in Taupo. Let's see what we will be doing.


Dienstag, 12. April 2016

Let's do a tag today!


Today I wanna step away from my travel for just a moment and wanna do a tag. Yes it is that "liebster Blogaward" tag. I know that tag has nothing to do anymore with someone's favorite blog, just because of the hole Facebook story "who likes to be nominated?". But still I like to answer the questions, just for fun and to tell people about the history and the thoughts behind my blog.
I have been tagged by Christina.

Welche ist deine Lieblings-Süßigkeit?
I don't really know, but one of them are m+m peanut

Welches Lebensmittel hasst du über alles?
I can't stand raw tomatoes

In welchen Ländern warst du schon?
Oh some? USA, New Zealand, Germany,Poland,UK, Malta,Italy, France, Czech, Canada and more.

Was war dein schönstes (oder) schlimmstes Reiseerlebnis?
I can't tell, I had so many nice experience and also some bad one's. There are places I liked more than others. My favorite place so far is still Washington state.
I had one bad experience with Couchsurfing in a messi house or with someone who was an drug addict.

Welche Person hat dein Leben am meisten geprägt?
I m not sure. There is no single person I could name there are many. And I believe that every person we meet gas an impact on or lives.

Welcher ist dein Lieblingsblog?
That is still nebelecho from Marie Graßhof

Gibt es etwas, dass du überhaupt nicht kannst?
I can't jog, I fall over my one feet.

Wie verbringst du einen typischen freien Tag?
Due to I m traveling right now, I hit the road and go somewhere like a national park or go for a hike, to th beach or just drive around.

Welches Wetter hättest du gerne das ganze Jahr?
Something like right now. Fall or spring, when it is not to cold but not hot aigther. The perfect time to travel and still be able to sleep in the car.

Wie würden deine Freunde dich mit einem Wort beschreiben?
I don't know we have to ask them.

That's it. I will not nominated anyone because I don't have many blogs according to the rules and I don't like to nominated just someone because I feel I have to, without rally knowing what they blog about.

Samstag, 9. April 2016

First days in the hostfamily!


Oh man I m so tired, but no less I like to share the last two days with you.
It did happen so much and I still haven't found time to upload all pictures and videos, sorry for that but I will soon, I promise.

Yesterday morning I made my way back up to Pukekohe. It is interesting that I went to an aupair meeting before I even meet my family, but it was so fun and after a few minutes warming up it was great. We talked and exchange story and got to know each other. We had a great time. But than the hard part was coming up. I had to meet the family. I was really nervous and a little afraid. The last time being an aupair didn't end that well. But here it is just great. I m still don't know what to do exactly but the hostparents are great and the kids, too. I really think that was the right decision to came here. We didn't do much yesterday besides grocery shopping, talking and watching tv. (in the US I never watched tv with the family) I was so tired but I stayed awake until 10.

I slept pretty well, but woke up really early. And wasn't quit sure what to do. Around 7:30 am I went for a shower and made myself a coffee afterwards. The kids did already watch a movie so I joined in. Xavier already ate breakfast because he is an early riser. Around 8 the parents got up, too.
The kids here really do most of there stuff alone including breakfast. Afterwards they went for a family day at the netball club, I liked to come too but the car was full of kids. So I stayed at home und relaxed, did some laundry and started uploading videos to my YouTube Channel.
This afternoon I moved in my room from now on and settled in. For dinner I meet some aupair at a Thai restaurant and Vroni, Clara and I went to the huntsmann winter war. We had a lot of fun and the movie was great. Joke of the night. "Where did she get the dress from?" "Auf gefunden!"

I really like it here.


Donnerstag, 7. April 2016

Time to Kill


I'm getting nervous, tomorrow I'm going to the family. I drove by the house yesterday and I'm not sure what to think about that.

The town it self is ok. There is a big section of stores with everything you need. I didn't take time to explore much more. I was a bit overwhelmed. We will see tomorrow what it will be. I had doubts in the US too and in the end I stayed two years.

The last days I didn't do much. Today i have to clean the car and sort everything a little.

I don't know what else.
I will hopefully be able to give you a first impression tomorrow. So i have to stop thinking.


Montag, 4. April 2016

the last days.


I wasn't really telling you guys what I did lately.
I m still driving around, I planned to much time for the west coast above Auckland because here it not much to see.
I spend one day in the kauri forest. Kauris are a native New Zealand tree but there are not many left. So they try to protect them now. The next day I went to the  kauri museum and got to know a lot about the trees and the history of Northland.
200 years ago Northland were one big forest with 1000's of kauri trees. But in the early 19. Century they cut down 96% of the hole forest in Northland. 96% that's unbelievable. The reason ware the kauri trees, because they grow all straight and have no knots, so the English man love them as mast of there ships and exported them back to England. After the big fire, London was build up with kauri. The same with San Francisco after the big earthquake. That's just a quick history lesson on the kauri but maybe I come back to the one day.

So what else did I do? Not much really mostly relaxing and reading.
Today I m back in west Auckland. Here is a big national park. I did two walks in the forest today both are about two hours. The pictures and videos I will loud up on the weekend when I m finally at my hostfamily.
It was really exhausting and now I m at a farm where I will spend the night. Next to duckes, pig's, sheep and chicken.

I although have a nice tent neighbor with dog. I think it will be a cold night.


Freitag, 1. April 2016

Two years have past!


Today two years ago I ended my adventure in the USA by bording a plan that toke me back from where I started. And now see where I m now.
I didn't even stayed two hole years in Germany. In a few years it will look like I jumped from one plan to the next.

Two years ago I left behind everything I was calling my life with no idea what to do next. I struggled to be home again, because there was nothing left for me.
I wanted to start over, because I had no choice. I started a job in Hamburg, which I quit after 10 days. And I ended up where it began. It was also hard to be back there, but somehow it worked out. I saw that there was something left for me and I m so thankful for that. Over time I gather some new friends how are pressures to me and I hope they will still be there when I might look back two years from now.

And now I m here living a long dreamed dream and have 11 months full of adventures ahead of me. I dreamed to come to New Zealand for so many years but I still don't realize that I m actually here, a hole month already. In this short time it has happened so much, the the time just ran through my fingers.
I already meet so many people who touched my life and I might never see again. Who showed me kindness, honesty and friendliness. I m so grateful for all of that.

Thank you!