Dienstag, 24. Mai 2016

The best is yet to come!


I dont have much to tell the last week. I live my au pair life, meet friends and work. But that is basically it.

My family is looking for a new au pair, that's quit sad because I like to stay longer but they are scared they don't find someone if I stay longer. It's quit ridicules but I can't change it.
That means for me, to leave in the middle of winter and find something new to do. I can't really save up here because I do to much.
I really not sure how to move on from here.

I wrote some applications to other families, mostly on the south island and just hope to get a job there. Until than I will try to finish my travels on the north island. I will get two more weeks off in July. Sadly that I have an appointment the first week on Thursday, which I can't move. So I m not sure how I will do it. The other thing is that in the second week a friend of mine will leave, to get back to Germany, on Friday. That's really sad and not good for my travel plans. But the time will show what and how I will do it.

So right now I basically just plan and a little worry what comes next. Even if I'm sure there is no reason to worry because somehow but will all work out. But I can't help it.


Mittwoch, 18. Mai 2016

Jounaling I


Since my little road trip nothing, important happened and due to my bad stomach last week I didn't felt like blogging. I was really sick and now I'm more than happy that it is over.

But even I wasn't feeling well, I tried to do some things beside watching Netflix and sleeping.
I spend a lot of time on Instgram, browsing through picture and found some inspiration.
One thing in particular caught my eyes.

And it was journaling again.
I love having notebooks, I love to write everything down and I just love to look through old notebooks. On Instgram are so many creative people, how make so much out of a boring page and I m not one of them. I can't draw and I way to self-critic, so I hardly ever like was I draw or decorat.
But I really like to give it another try. Most fascinating to me, are the trackers. There are people out there how track everything, from there water they drink a day, the hours of sleep, sports, food, mood, everything.
I did try some of it but always forgot to write it down on the end of the day.
Another thing I now try out is the goal track.
Giving myself a goal and track my way to it. For me I got 2 things I try it on.
First is the Kernstaub track.
Kernstaub is a book I try to read for a long time, but 900 pages look terrifying to me. So I create a page for it.

The book has 56 chapters and I know that in the end the first letter of every chapter will become a sentence.
I will see how that works out. Hopefully it will keep me motivated.

The other goal I wanna track it my hiking.
Since I m in New Zealand I do way more hiking then ever before and I gave myself the kinda small goal to hike 200 km until I leave. That is not to much for still 9 months to go.

For every 10k I will color one on the shoe. :)

I hope all of you are well and please let me know if you are being one of us notebook freaks!


Dienstag, 10. Mai 2016

Coromandel road trip!


Today I write to you from the top of a mountain.

The last 3 days I did a small road trip a long the Coromandel peninsula. Worst things first, here are millions of mosquitos, I m not sure if I have any blood left.

But besides this little vampires it was a wonderful trip.
Coromandel isn't a big as I thought so I had could do it in 2 days but why the hurry.
I got really lucky with the weather, my hostdad told me it will rain all the time but it was sunny and almost hot.
The first day I did the most driving. First stop was Thames to get some food. From Thames to Coromandel town  you have to drive a coast road. That means a lot of curves and great views. I stoped several times to enjoy the ocean. I love the ocean. In Coromandel town I visited the information and got some ideas what to do. I went for a small hike but I turned around early because of a little rain. I keeped driving to Whangapoua and walked a long the beach. I stayed a earls paradise. It was a really lovely owner with a German woofer. The neighbor was fishing and show us his catch. I don't know the fish names but there were big, the biggest was 1,10 m. And some smaller tuna, red snapper, and more.

After a long night with many mosquitos I drove to Cooks beach. I went to the i-side first and they told me the cathedral cove is closed today. Bad luck. But Cooks was nice I walk to the Shakespeare cliff and back. Than I decided just to drive to the cove and see what's going on. I got there and the track was closed but there were other tracks so I went to stingray bay. On the way back the guy from the road work told me, the track would be reopened in about an hour. So I waited and meet a nice Brazilian guy. He works in France and is here to do all the hobbit stuff. It toke them longer than an hour to finish but it was ok. As we finally were abel to go there it was wonderful. It is a stunning beach with little water falls, blue ocean and of cause the cove. I can't put in words how beautiful it was. We spend quit a time there and on the way back I gave my new friend a lift to hot water beach. The hot water was really hot, burning hot. but we found a sandhole with quit nice warm water and relaxed. With the time the tide was raising and we had to go. I left my friend behind and drove on. It was a great day and I saw again how happy I m on the road, free to go where I want to. To find the place I wanted to stay overnight was a little adventure, but I got there. It was already dark. So I cooked and went to bed again the millions of mosquitoes.

Today I woke up early and went at 7am for a 40 min walk. It was beautiful no one were awake by than just birds.
I should do that more often. Afterwards I packed together and drove back to Thames. This time the I-side was open and I got some information. That track with the gold mine sadly is on winter hour just open on the weekends. But this one valley near Thames has a lot of nice walks. But to get from the valley visitor center to the tracks was hell. This road has holes unbelievable. For certain the worst road I drove ever. It toke me longer to drive the road than to hike.
The view from the mountain was stunning and I spent at least an hour up there. Sitting in the sun, starting that post and relaxing.

The rest of the day was driving home and buy new shoes. I have a cent big hole on the bottom, you can look at my food. So it was really necessary to get some new ones.
Now I will go to the cinema with Irma and watch civil war. Hopefully it is as good as the Brazilian guy said.


Samstag, 7. Mai 2016



I had a quite week. Kyrah was sick for two days so I really didn't anything.

But I had a realization.
I always thought that the fact that my US hostmum was German and always talked german with me didn't really affect me. My English it good I understand almost everything and can everyone tell what I want.
But I was wrong.
I did miss out. I see more and more that I have a really simple vocabulary. There is nothing wrong with that but now I see where could be.

I don't regret having a German hostmum, because it was the right thing for me and it was great to have someone to talk to in German. It made the settling in so much easier.

So don't get me wrong I don't wanna scare anyone to take a family how is speaking your native language. If it feels right for you do it. You will still learn so much and you English will improve no matter what.
Don't turn a family down just because of the language.

I see it like that now, I still can learn so much here, even in a part of my life I thought there it not so much more.


Dienstag, 3. Mai 2016

Busy Weekend


It is already May. How the hell did that happen ?
Maybe because I m busy?

With out even planing it, my weekend was packed. First I didn't know what to do.
On Saturday we went to Port Wailato. We that's some other au pairs and me. We filled up the 7 seat "people mover", it wasn't the best idea in the end, and drove off. I really got motion sickness so the drive was hell for me. But the place was gorgeous. It is kinda a delta where the river meets the ocean. a wonderful place with sand dunes. Three of us went swimming but I didn't, I didn't bring swimming choth. So we just sitting on the dunes and enjoyed the sun.

After the swim We played wizard and of course I was one of the losers.
As we just started our journey home we realized a noise. Apparently we are to fat. The car was sitting on the wheels. We didn't notice that on the way there because it was really loud in the car. And we had to drive 45 minutes to get back.
I better not telling how we got back but it wasn't legal.
The evening I spend at Clara's house. We watched a movie and I stayed over night.

On Sunday we did another hike at the Hanua Regional Park. It was beautiful. The weather was great, a little to warm for my taste but who is complaining. It was a 3 hour hike. I don't remember how the walk was called. (Wairoa Loop)
But we had some nice views. One of the lookouts was again a little disappointing and blocked by a hugh pile of sand. The second one was way better and we kinda made a picnic.

After that hard walk we needed an ice cream. Nicci knew one. It was really good and cheap. Two giant scoops  for 3$. And it was delicious. A place to remember!

Yesterday I was just working like today, too. So quite lazy.


Freitag, 29. April 2016

Instagram challenge in May


The last few days didn't really happen anything, I went out for coffee and saw some friends. That was it.

So because I don't have much to tell today, I wanna tell you what I m up to in May.
Over Facebook I found a girl who is doing a challenge on instagram in May. She wrote down a list with themes and we are supposed to post a picture every day, related bto the list.
I decided to participate in this challenge because it is to tell others about yourself, your blog and why are you doing what you do.
My blog started as a kind of dairy, then I invite friends and now I love to share my thoughts, adventures and experience with everyone. But a lot of people who read my blog, don't know me or why I m writing. So I think this challenge is wonderful to introduce myself and my blog to new people and to people who are already following me.
There for I am planning my posts on instagram right now to show you my intentions.

Please feel free to follow this challenge under #meetthebloggerde or of cause on
my instagram account (https://www.instagram.com/just_me_blog/).

I also will post ever picture on my Facebook page (https://m.facebook.com/Just-me-929664637108227/)

I hope this challenge will be a full success and if you have questions you like to have answered write me in the comments or per e-mail.


Ps: It is still time to participate in the challenge, just if someone likes to.

Montag, 25. April 2016

I saw Kiwis!


I m back from my trip now. We came back yesterday, so a day early. The weather wasn't so good that we decided to just go home.

On Friday we went to rainbow springs. That is kinda like a zoo, but they had mostly native New Zealand animals, like the Tui, Kea and of course Kiwis. They are looking a little weird for a bird but they are cute. We so 4 different ones. Rainbow Springs has an cooperation with the Department of Conservation (doc) it called Kiwis Encounter. That means they get wild Kiwi eggs from all over the country and make sure that they hatch. Out in the wild, 95% of the chicks die before they are 6 months old. That's why people keep monitoring the birds in the wild and steal there eggs. So they make sure that about 75% survive the first 6 months. The biggest danger for the Kiwi are dogs, cats and stouts. The Kiwi Encounter keeps the birds until they are a kilogram, because than there are just two predators left. The dogs and the cats. After that time they get released to the wild again.
We learned a lot about the Kiwi for example there are 5 different species of Kiwi or that it is not to 100% sure if the Kiwi is really a bird or how territorial they are. I could tell so much more.

We also saw a bird show and many lizards. We spend almost the hole day in Rainbow Springs and at night we watched a movie at the cinema.

Saturday it was time to leave Rotorua and slowly make are way back. But first we did a walk at the redwoods. It was really beautiful and hard because I still have my cold. The lookout was really bad and not worth the way up.  but the woods itself was great, with all the big tree's and (because we got there early) really quite.
Afterwards we got on the road. We made a stop at the Adrenaline forest. It is a park where you can climb in the trees. Irma and I did the first 3 levels out of 6. I tryed the 4 one but I couldn't complete it, it was just to hard. It toke us around 3 hours.
Then we drove to our campsite McLaren park it was a wonderful park on a lake with water, very loud birds, ducks and glowworms. The Ranger told us about a little walk we should do after sunset where we can see 1000 of glowworms. Of course we did that. After dinner we made are way to the track and it was really breathtaking. You looked at the site of the path and it looked like the night sky everywhere little stars on the ground or the walls. It is indescribable it was so beautiful. It was really dark and the glowworms are so distracting that it was hard to find the path.

On Sunday it was raining the hole day so we just drove home.

And today was not really much to do. We went for a coffee and to say goodbye to Julia how is leaving tomorrow. Now I sitting at the duke pond and write this here.


Donnerstag, 21. April 2016

Getting sick in Taupo

The last days were busy and I got sick.
On Tuesday we spend the hole day hiking. Right in the morning I fell kinda bad and hit my head so it wasn't the best start in the day. But it was not so bad.
The first walk we did was the Creaters of the Moon. We didn't really see them the day before so we decided to go there again. It was rear nice. It did stink a little. But it was fascinating to see the volcanic activity. We really toke our time. Afterwards we drove to Kinloch. It's about 20 km away from Taupo. There we did an 3.5 hour walk to a lookout over the bay. The lookout was not so impressive, on the way there we had better owns. After that we were pretty tired and just went to bed.

The next morning I wasn't feeling well. I could barely move my head, my throat was hurting and I just felt sick. But I am on travel there is no time to be sick and I really hoped it would go away.
So we went to the hot stream. I thought maybe it isn't the best idea to go swimming when I don't feel well but on the other hand, if you sick you should take a hot bath. So I did it anyway. It was so relaxing the hot water.
Afterwards we went shopping for our boat ride in the afternoon.
The boat ride was really nice we didn't have any wind so we couldn't use the sails. Our skipper was a nice woman who did a lot of sailing in her life. And not just of lake Taupo. She told us stories about the lake and the Maori carving. Overall it was a nice evening. The weather was great and also the view. She told us that the lake is so big that you can't see the other side because of the earth bending. It was really interesting to listen to her.
As the trip was over we got back to our campsite. I didn't feel well so I trunk liters of tea and was just sick. I couldn't do anything anymore and just went to bed. That is easier said then done if two person sleep in the trunk of the car. I toke all kinds of flu pills and vitamins and fever release. I did had a slightly fever. I was worried about that because I really don't like to go to the doctor. The night was really long and my dreams went crazy. I woke up several times.

Luckily today I feel better. My throat isn't hurting anymore and nighter is my neck. But I got a stuffed nose. It is not nice but something I can live with. Today we made our way up to Rotorua. We stopped at the Thermal Wonderland. We both wanted to go there but maybe the next day but as we realized that we already there we did it today. We came there around 9 o'clock. The woman at the entrance told us that the Lady Knox geyser was due to erupted at quarter past 10. So we drove over to that location. It wasn't a natural eruption the guide was putting some kind of soap in there to make it eruped. It was quit kneed to see. Afterwards we went back to the park and toke are time walking around. Here it did really stink. We saw a lot of hot pools with boiling water and mud in it. At first there was so much fog we could barely see a think but soon the fog was gone. It is just fascinating to see how the earth is changing.
After that we drove to the mud pools. The boiling mud.
Blubber blubber blub.
It was now already afternoon so we drove to our campsite site in Rotorua. We cooked some linner and toke a long and hot shower. Every Thursday there is a so called night market in the city but it is more like one stand of fruit and vegetables and the rest is selling food.


Montag, 18. April 2016



From Taupo.
Yesterday I made my way down to Taupo. The drive wasn't as long as I thought.
In Taupo I meet Irma and Julia, they did the tongariro crossing on Saturday. Irma will stay with me for the next week and Julia had to go home.
The weather was not good so we didn't do much. We went to the huka falls and than to the campsite. It is a free campsite close to the falls.
We tryed how it is to sleep in the car together because it was raining and we didn't wanted to build the tent. It is ok with two persons sleeping in the car. I thought I would be weird or to small but it is ok. The rain was really loud and keep me up all night.

Today we slept in and went horse riding. It was quite expensive but I liked it. My horse was called Rogan. He was nice. We did an one hour ride. It said we would see the craters of the mood but no not really. That's really sad I really wanted to see it. But here in Taupo you have to pay for everything. Even for same walks that's ridicules.

After the ride I lost my flip flops. Great job Marie.

The rest of the day we spent in Taupo city wandering around and taking some pictures. I finally bought myself a hat. We booked a boat ride to the Maori carvings for Wednesday and that's it.

Now we are in the car again and it is already dark at 6:30 pm.


Samstag, 16. April 2016

The first week in Pukekohe


It is really fascinating, as soon as I get in a normal living situation I forget about blogging. One reason is I m not doing so much new stuff and another one is I m really busy.

I m in the family for a week now and I really like it. The kids are great and I already made some friends with the other au pairs. Right now I m at the pool with the kids and they don't wanna go home. So I just try to use that time.

Since I m here I almost been with at lest one of the other au pairs our. We went swimming, had a game night and coffee several times.
On day I went hiking. I walked for 3 hours and saw a dam and the hanua falls. I still trying to live on a low budget and not paying for a stay and food helps a lot.

Due to I m off next week, I will leave for travel tomorrow again. I will meet another au pair down in Taupo. Let's see what we will be doing.


Dienstag, 12. April 2016

Let's do a tag today!


Today I wanna step away from my travel for just a moment and wanna do a tag. Yes it is that "liebster Blogaward" tag. I know that tag has nothing to do anymore with someone's favorite blog, just because of the hole Facebook story "who likes to be nominated?". But still I like to answer the questions, just for fun and to tell people about the history and the thoughts behind my blog.
I have been tagged by Christina.

Welche ist deine Lieblings-Süßigkeit?
I don't really know, but one of them are m+m peanut

Welches Lebensmittel hasst du über alles?
I can't stand raw tomatoes

In welchen Ländern warst du schon?
Oh some? USA, New Zealand, Germany,Poland,UK, Malta,Italy, France, Czech, Canada and more.

Was war dein schönstes (oder) schlimmstes Reiseerlebnis?
I can't tell, I had so many nice experience and also some bad one's. There are places I liked more than others. My favorite place so far is still Washington state.
I had one bad experience with Couchsurfing in a messi house or with someone who was an drug addict.

Welche Person hat dein Leben am meisten geprägt?
I m not sure. There is no single person I could name there are many. And I believe that every person we meet gas an impact on or lives.

Welcher ist dein Lieblingsblog?
That is still nebelecho from Marie Graßhof

Gibt es etwas, dass du überhaupt nicht kannst?
I can't jog, I fall over my one feet.

Wie verbringst du einen typischen freien Tag?
Due to I m traveling right now, I hit the road and go somewhere like a national park or go for a hike, to th beach or just drive around.

Welches Wetter hättest du gerne das ganze Jahr?
Something like right now. Fall or spring, when it is not to cold but not hot aigther. The perfect time to travel and still be able to sleep in the car.

Wie würden deine Freunde dich mit einem Wort beschreiben?
I don't know we have to ask them.

That's it. I will not nominated anyone because I don't have many blogs according to the rules and I don't like to nominated just someone because I feel I have to, without rally knowing what they blog about.

Samstag, 9. April 2016

First days in the hostfamily!


Oh man I m so tired, but no less I like to share the last two days with you.
It did happen so much and I still haven't found time to upload all pictures and videos, sorry for that but I will soon, I promise.

Yesterday morning I made my way back up to Pukekohe. It is interesting that I went to an aupair meeting before I even meet my family, but it was so fun and after a few minutes warming up it was great. We talked and exchange story and got to know each other. We had a great time. But than the hard part was coming up. I had to meet the family. I was really nervous and a little afraid. The last time being an aupair didn't end that well. But here it is just great. I m still don't know what to do exactly but the hostparents are great and the kids, too. I really think that was the right decision to came here. We didn't do much yesterday besides grocery shopping, talking and watching tv. (in the US I never watched tv with the family) I was so tired but I stayed awake until 10.

I slept pretty well, but woke up really early. And wasn't quit sure what to do. Around 7:30 am I went for a shower and made myself a coffee afterwards. The kids did already watch a movie so I joined in. Xavier already ate breakfast because he is an early riser. Around 8 the parents got up, too.
The kids here really do most of there stuff alone including breakfast. Afterwards they went for a family day at the netball club, I liked to come too but the car was full of kids. So I stayed at home und relaxed, did some laundry and started uploading videos to my YouTube Channel.
This afternoon I moved in my room from now on and settled in. For dinner I meet some aupair at a Thai restaurant and Vroni, Clara and I went to the huntsmann winter war. We had a lot of fun and the movie was great. Joke of the night. "Where did she get the dress from?" "Auf Otto.de gefunden!"

I really like it here.


Donnerstag, 7. April 2016

Time to Kill


I'm getting nervous, tomorrow I'm going to the family. I drove by the house yesterday and I'm not sure what to think about that.

The town it self is ok. There is a big section of stores with everything you need. I didn't take time to explore much more. I was a bit overwhelmed. We will see tomorrow what it will be. I had doubts in the US too and in the end I stayed two years.

The last days I didn't do much. Today i have to clean the car and sort everything a little.

I don't know what else.
I will hopefully be able to give you a first impression tomorrow. So i have to stop thinking.


Montag, 4. April 2016

the last days.


I wasn't really telling you guys what I did lately.
I m still driving around, I planned to much time for the west coast above Auckland because here it not much to see.
I spend one day in the kauri forest. Kauris are a native New Zealand tree but there are not many left. So they try to protect them now. The next day I went to the  kauri museum and got to know a lot about the trees and the history of Northland.
200 years ago Northland were one big forest with 1000's of kauri trees. But in the early 19. Century they cut down 96% of the hole forest in Northland. 96% that's unbelievable. The reason ware the kauri trees, because they grow all straight and have no knots, so the English man love them as mast of there ships and exported them back to England. After the big fire, London was build up with kauri. The same with San Francisco after the big earthquake. That's just a quick history lesson on the kauri but maybe I come back to the one day.

So what else did I do? Not much really mostly relaxing and reading.
Today I m back in west Auckland. Here is a big national park. I did two walks in the forest today both are about two hours. The pictures and videos I will loud up on the weekend when I m finally at my hostfamily.
It was really exhausting and now I m at a farm where I will spend the night. Next to duckes, pig's, sheep and chicken.

I although have a nice tent neighbor with dog. I think it will be a cold night.


Freitag, 1. April 2016

Two years have past!


Today two years ago I ended my adventure in the USA by bording a plan that toke me back from where I started. And now see where I m now.
I didn't even stayed two hole years in Germany. In a few years it will look like I jumped from one plan to the next.

Two years ago I left behind everything I was calling my life with no idea what to do next. I struggled to be home again, because there was nothing left for me.
I wanted to start over, because I had no choice. I started a job in Hamburg, which I quit after 10 days. And I ended up where it began. It was also hard to be back there, but somehow it worked out. I saw that there was something left for me and I m so thankful for that. Over time I gather some new friends how are pressures to me and I hope they will still be there when I might look back two years from now.

And now I m here living a long dreamed dream and have 11 months full of adventures ahead of me. I dreamed to come to New Zealand for so many years but I still don't realize that I m actually here, a hole month already. In this short time it has happened so much, the the time just ran through my fingers.
I already meet so many people who touched my life and I might never see again. Who showed me kindness, honesty and friendliness. I m so grateful for all of that.

Thank you!


Donnerstag, 31. März 2016

Letter to a wife and mother

Mountain thoughts

Via accident I found this mountain lookout. The way up here was crazy and I don't know how to get down yet. But up here it is so beautiful. I have a 360°view, I can see mountain and the ocean it is just amazing.

But I found another thing what makes this place special. Under a cross I found a letter which brought tears to my eyes. It is a letter from a man to his beloved wife. She must have died. I m this letter he tells about there love there kids and how much he misses her. How he likes to died for her but will live for there kids.

Climbing up here I hadn't thought of something so emotional happen on the top.
I pray for him and his kids to see there wife and mother again, some day.


Dienstag, 29. März 2016

Cape Ringa


The last days I did a lot of driving.

After a day of laziness in Matai bay I started my way up to Cape Ringa.
I stopped at the 90mile beach but it was so foggy I didn't saw much. Because it was still Easter everywhere were people and family's. I keeped driving to Rarawa beach. Another doc camp on a beach. It was nice the beach was really big and the water so great. But again a lot of people.
At the evening I did a walk on the beach all the way to the end. It toke me longer than I thought. It was getting dark even before I reached the end of the beach. So I had to walk back in the dark. But I really liked it.

The next morning I headed to Cape Ringa. I was lucky to get there early, before all the buses came. So less people makes better pictures. I did some walking but it was so hot that the way back (all up hill)was a horrible. It is a really nice place up there but not much to do. You can do some works but all take several hours. I decided to just go the coastal walk 30 min in and than return but it was worth it. The cliffs are really impressive and you could glace around the hill and see the lighthouse again. And to look down an see the two oceans come together is amazing. And the waves crashing into the cliff. It's a beautiful place.

After sometime I headed to the camp near by and meet several German. Who all going home on the 31. March.
The first one are to from Munich and they invaded me for lunch. That was good because in sipped breakfast. The next one are a younger couple and the last ones too.
I was cleaning out my car a little and gave them some candles I know I would never use and we talked for a while. It's nice to talk to someone after a few days .

The beach on this camp was not great. Because of a sandbank the waves had the weirdest direction and it wasn't getting deep at all. So that will not become my favorite beach.

Today I was leaving the peninsula and I m now in Kaitaia at McDonald's to load my big camara. Later I will drive around a little do some shopping and head for the next place to stay. I still have some time before I have to be back in Auckland so I can take my time. Hopefully I find a nice place to stay for a few nights.


Samstag, 26. März 2016

the last few days!


Today I like to just tell you about the last 3 days.

On Thursday it finally stopped raining and we had to go on to Kerikeri. Because of the nice weather again we stopped on the way in the small town Russell. It is on the Bay of Islands and is a beautiful little town. You can't do much. You can go on a bus tour around the town but that's it. I ate some fish and chips and sat around at the harbor. Russell has a nice beach to Langes beach. We made a quick stop and than drive of to Kerikeri. We had to take a ferry over a river.
In Kerikeri we looked around the town center and than I dropped Kerstin of at her woofing place.
I spand the first night alone on a doc camp in Puketi forest. It is a nice campground in the middle of the woods.
The way up there were again this not asphalt roads but apparently the most back country roads like that.

I didn't sleep well. The mosquitos are so annoying.
The next morning I toke a short walk in the woods and drove back to Kerikeri to see the rainbow falls.
There I toke a short walk too. The falls are great, the water drops down 27 meter and I saw some small rainbows.
After that I spend some time at McDonald's, where I meet an Australian couple and we talked quit a while. I didn't wanted to go back to the camp in Puketi forest so I drove off.
The place I wanted to go wasn't as nice as I thought so I decided to take a detour to Matai bay. It was a great decision. It is so beautiful here. 2 minutes the beach. Because it is the Easter weekend the campground is rally full. Many people from Auckland use the long weekend. I decided to stay here two nights.

Today I did not much, I started to dress up the car a little but that will take some time.
And that's it.


Ps: i will upload the pictures as soon I have good internet again!

Freitag, 25. März 2016



I m on the beach right now and it is the only place with internet.

I would like to tell you about my last two days but I just can't. Right now I feel emotional drained. Sitting here at this wonderful place seeing the sunset and having the ocean right in front of me is incredible, but I also feel so sad that I can't share this moment with someone.

I really feel lonely right now. I love what I do, the travels and everything but sometimes it would be nice to have someone to enjoy it with me.
That's my second day traveling all by myself and I m getting like that. But maybe it us because the hole campground us filled with family's and groups of frinds. And I m all by myself.


Mittwoch, 23. März 2016

On the road again!


Yesterday we left Whangaparaoa and hit the road. We stop several times on beaches but the first planed stop was Snalls beach. The weather wasn't as pretty as the last days but warm and nice.

Than we drove to the Scandrett Regional Park. A very small park with beautiful beaches. We decided to do a 50 minute walk. It was a small walk and we didn't see much. But we found the sign Martin Beach 5 min. And there we went. As I saw the beach I ask Kerstin, " Do we wanna go for a swim?" of cause we didn't had our swim suits with us. But we did swim anyway. Where we first went in it was really stony but I tryed to go farder  and fell. It did hurt a little but I didn't care. I swam over to Kerstin and we had a nice time in the water. The waves were quit high and that's always fun.
After we got out we needed some time drying. And after a couple of minutes my leg started itching and I looked down there were blood everywhere. Not to much but enough. I cleaned my legs with a tissue and saw that I cut myself several times all over my legs when I felled. Now I look like I had fought with a bear.
After some cleaning up and a lunch break we got on the road again.
I don't know where we were driving but it was a road so narrow and without asphalt. We had to drive it over 10km all up the hill it was nerve racking.

We still keept going to Goat Island. It was nice but with a lot off school kids. Apparently Goat Island is that destination for feldtrips. We walk around and toke some pictures.

The next stop was for shopping some food for the next days.
And the last stop was our campsite.
I not sur if that qualifies. It is a car park with some gras and a toilet, but right at the beach.
We set up the tent and my car and that's it.

It was our first night camping. And it happened it started raining and it still does. So we decided to stay another night and drive up to Kerikeri tomorrow.
The night it self was good suprisendly komfi.

Bye Marie

Montag, 21. März 2016

I m going on an adventure!


Tonight is our last night in Whangaparaoa. Tomorrow we start our journey to the north.

The last days were pretty good the work was ok, we did a lot babysitting and some fruit picking.

On Saturday we went to the cinema, I was so happy. Finally an English movie again and we watched London has fallen.
The second movie after Olympus has fallen. This one was even more violent and bad bad language. But I love the movie. Just the right movie for me. 

On Sunday we just worked in the morning so we had the afternoon off. We thought to try the Shakespeare Park again and it worked out. It was so beautiful. The weather was amazing and the park, too. If you have the chance to visit park, do it, you will miss out if not. We walked around for about 4-5 hours and made it through the hole park. The only bad thing is that we got sunburned so badly that I couldn't sleep last night and my shoulder still hurt. So please don't forget to put sun block on or you suffer like I still do.

Today was our day off and even if I didn't sleep last night we drove to Long Bay. Long Bay is another great park. I was not so into the hike today and I was complaining a lot. But in the end it was so great. I made it somehow to the end of the coastal walk. It wasn't really nice. And after this disappointment I was horrified of the way back. It would be the same way so nothing new or existing.
But than we decided to go on an adventure. We just walked along the coastline. Almost the hole time we climbed over rock's in front of cliffs. And we ignored signs that said, only accessible on low tide.
We had no clue in what stage the tide was right than, but we tried it anyway.
After the first two corners we past , we got quite nervous because we figured the it was past low tide and the water slowly got higher. So we walked as fast as we could and felt a big relief as we spotted one beach we past on the way early, where we could walk up and away from the water. 
As we arrived on that beach we saw a couple who was taking another short cut right a long the cliffs. So we followed them back the long bay. 
The tide wasn't rising as fast as we feared so everything worked out ok. But please don't do that like we did. If you like to walk in front of a cliff coast, make sure you know when there ist low and high tide. It is really dangerous it you get cornered by the water.
But we were lucky. So it was a great day. 


Samstag, 19. März 2016

I got Hope!!!

Good morning

A few days have past and we are still at our woofing place. It is lovely. I using the pool regularly and it is just nice here. The work is ok but hard. We have to cut trees, cut grass with are hands, free tree from in growing nets and pick fruits. Yesterday the grandchildren arrived and stay over the weekend. They are twin boys almost two. Our main work for the weekend will be the boys.

But off course we have some free time too.
On Wednesday we tryed to go to Shakespeare park, it didn't end well. We got there and it started raining. And it didn't stop anymore. We were wet from head to toe and there was no point to do a walk there so we made our way back. But there were no buses anymore. So we hitchhiked. It was fun and a nice guy toke as almost the hole way. And of course as we got home it stopped raining. We were two hours on the road and had pouring rain 1,30 hours.

And last but not least yesterday I got my car. It's an old Honda but it drives and I can sleep in it. In the afternoon we changed the registration and made the insurance and than we were free.
To have a car is so nice. You can go where ever you want and stop everywhere to see things. I m so glad I made this decision to get one.
Kerstin said I have to rename it. It's called Betty so far. And I will call it hope.
Hope for a good year with al lot of exciting thing.

See you

Mittwoch, 16. März 2016

First day of woofing!


Oh men so many things are going on it's unbelievable.
Yesterday we toke the ferry to Whangaparaoa. We were slightly worried about what will wait for us there. So I got into a lot thinking on the boat trip.

But all the worries were lost time. We got picked up from our host Sherry. Sie is such a nice lady. She toke us with her and as we arrived at her house we were so flashed. We have a big room with two beds, a own bathroom and a lounge with a huge tv and we can cook and everything. Here is also a pool what we can use. We are just so happy to have a nice place like that for our first woofing experience.
Right when we got here she gave us plenty of food and told us that we have dinner together.
She made salmon with a Asia spices and salad. It was really good and way more than we ever expected.

After dinner we were just talking just get to know each other and Kerstin was telling about her guitar she left in Germany. Sherry got right up and came back with a guitar. Kerstin all excited started singing and playing. I told her also that I like music and play some instruments. But of course she didn't have an akkordion or a piano. But she did have a recorder (Flöte).
After we played around for a while Sherry said she is going to a folk club tomorrow and we should come. Kerstin was right in to it but I said I will decide later.

To make the story short today we ended up performing at the folk club.

So today it was really busy because of the gardening we had to do. And also we had to practice for tonight. We did at least 4 practice session. And did the gardening and went to school to help a teacher getting things done for the next day, like sharpening pencils, cuting word cards and stuff like that. So it was a bit stressful.

But we made it we play our two songs at the folk club and did it pretty well.


If you like our play (remember we worked it out in under 24hours) give a thumbs up.

Thanks Marie

Sonntag, 13. März 2016



I did it. After the weather got better I made my way up to One Tree Hill. I drove with the bus to the bottom of the hill and climbed up. It was good that the clouds were still there so it wasn't to hot. On my way I saw some creatures. Some big and brown, some small, and some with long ears. Yes in the middle of the city there were cows, rabbits and sheep. The hill wasn't as high as I expected it to be, but very windy. So I didn't stay there long. on the way back down I found a big, old, burned out tree. I thought it was amazing.

Yesterday was a great day, again hot and I got sunburn again.
We went to Rangitoto. The volcano island near Auckland. We toke the ferry at 9:15am and had a lot of plans and hope to see the hole island before we take the last ferry back at 5pm.
But that was a false hope. The island turned out bigger than we thought.
In the end we barley made it halfway thru.
But what we saw was amazing. Giant lava felds, great views and fantastic water.
We (Anni,Basti,Konstanze,ich) walked for an hour and picknicked. The path was really slippery and uneven. If you go there make sure you have good shoes or maybe tracking boots.
After the break we keept going to a wonderful beach.
Konstanze and I went for a swim. It was amazing the water is so clear you can see right to the ground. We stayed there quit a while, but than we had to keep going if we wanna made it to the top and back to the ferry in time. The dream to see the hole island was long gone by this point.
The way to the top was long and steep. And as we finally thought we made it, there are still 30 min to go.
But than at the end we got rewarded with a amazing view over the hole island and the cost of Auckland.
The way down was easy and we made it in time to catch the last ferry.
It was a great day and we had so much fun. Now I won't see Anni for a while but I m sure we will meet again somewhere.

Today is the last day with Stefan. That means packing. I hate packing but after a while you get us to it.
But packing don't take the hole day so we went to the Pasifica festival in Western Spring Lakeside Park. A lot of County sold there traditional food and crafts or performed. I bought some ear rings. And tryed a coconut for the first time. It is not my fruit. It was not bad but not good either.

And that was it for the last two days. Tomorrow we take our hugh backpacks and head to our first woofing place in Whangaparoa. We are excited and nervous for the time ahead.


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Freitag, 11. März 2016



After my last blog post, I have talked to a family over an hour at Skype. I know I said I will take my time but I also thought it would be nice to give ever family, who still contacts me, a chance. And I can say it was the best thing I chould do. I  talked to this host mom over an hour and after a night I was sure I will try it again with this family. I have there everything I could ask for, a lot free time, 2 bigger kids, I can bring my car and I really like the host mom.

After a good start in the day with the decision to go to this family, we drove into Auckland center. I wanted to meet Anni from Germany, she had a rough few days. And needed some help. So I let her use my phone and helped her with the IRD number and some stuff. After that we went to the harbor and just looked around. On our way back I decided to go up the skytower. The weather was great and so will be the view we thought.
And we were right. It was incredible, maybe you already saw the pictures on Facebook but I will upload some more from my big camara.
It was just another great day with friends and stunning views.

Today not so much we have rainy weather. Good thing we didn't go to Rangitoto today as planned. So maybe we do this tomorrow.
So it is another lacy day. If it gets better than will probably go to one tree hill. But we will see it is just noon right now so a lot of opportunity can still show up.

LG Marie


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Mittwoch, 9. März 2016

Busy busy


The last two days ware a little blurry.
I have to admit the sudden cancellation from the hostfamily hide me unguarded. But I m over it. Do to that I had a very busy day yesterday. I kept running from one appointment to the next. First I looked at another car, what tuck quit a while, than running to get some paperwork done and fitting in a meeting with a hostmom who contacted me over Facebook.

The hole response on Facebook was a bit overwhelming. I still get requests. A lot are from Australia.
The talk with the hostmom was really nice, she just lives a few minutes away, has 3 boys and need someone to basically drive them around. The payment would be great too. After we talked for an hour I rushed home to get rid of the papers and headed to the next appointment.

I meet Krissi again, the girl with the car. We went to a car service to do a pre-purchase check. It toke us a few minutes few get there and the check was done in an hour. There are two little thing but nothing major.

When I got home it was around 3 and I was done, but Kerstin wanted to go somewhere. So we walked to the park, in flip flops. Not the best idea, but we managed. We thought if we walk through the park we will end up on the ocean and we did. But it was just a stone wall, no beach, just a concrete stairs. Not really nice. So we walk back to the park and sat down to read a little.

After we got home everything hurt. It was a long walk in flip flops and not so much fun.

So today is my lacy day. Basically stayed at home and just relaxed. We send out our IRD papers and hopefully get the number soon.

For the matter of au pairing I decided to look around, but not in Auckland.
I also decided to take the car from Krissi. We will meet in an hour to sign the contract, she will keep the car until next week.

And that's it.


Dienstag, 8. März 2016

Heavy day


Another day in Auckland.
Today was a heavy day, physically and mentally.

We started in a lacy morning with nothing to do. At 12  I was meeting a girl to look at her car, because I decided to get one. Even if it is a scary thing to do. She was very friendly and the car was ok. I toke a short drive and I liked it. It was the first time I drove myself here in New Zealand but it worked better as expected even on the left side of the road.
We will meet tomorrow again to do a pre-purchase test, so I can be sure the car is ok.
But I will also look at another car tomorrow morning.

After all that excitement we walk to Mount Eden. We toke the longer way. The weather wasn't as nice as the last days so the pictures are not as great. It was really windy with a few raindropps.
The way back was horrible. Our feet hurt still. But we survived.

But now to the bad surprise.
I reserved a massage from my future hostmum that they decided not to have an au pair anymore, due to some bad experience.
That was kinda shocking. I was counting von that job over the winter, but now everything change.
I quickly wrote some applications on au pair world and on Facebook.
The fb response was overwhelming. I got 5 offers in an hour. Two from Australia so I just needed to take the offers down. And 3 from New Zealand. The first one is not really my family, the youngest kid is to young and there are 4 kids.
The second sounds better, 3 boy between 5-12, they live really close by, we will talk tomorrow.

That are all things that keep me awake. The car shopping and the au pair stuff. There are so many new questions turning up.
I hope to sleep soon.


Sonntag, 6. März 2016

Sandsurfing and old friends!!


Two days in Auckland already. Time flies, but it feel longer. The last two days were a blast.
Yesterday I meet an old friend Gemna I know her from the US. She spontaneously picked me up and we drove around. We ended up on Mount Eden, one of many volcanos. They say its not active anymore but still closely monitored. It is a great place you can overlook hole Auckland and the weather was amazing. Afterwards she showed me where she lives and we went for a coffee with her parents. They told me about a lot of things to see. It was a great day and I m so happy to see Gemma again.

Today was not less a great day. We went out of the city, with our host. We drove to the west coast, to Bethells Beach. At first the weather wasn't that nice, but along the day, the sky cleared and it was burning hot. We toke an walk about an hour to a lake, lake Wainamu Tk. On the way there we stopped on some sand dune and tryed sandboarding. It was so much fun. I tryed to do sitting on the board and it worked really well, but when I tryed to brake all the black sand ended up in my face. That's why I look like a black man. After that amazing experience we followed the little river to the lake. And I had to get off all the sand. The water was so warm.
Our host decided to walk around the lake and back to the beach. We stayed a little longer and just enjoyed the view. But sooner or later we had to go back to. Because the car was on the beach.
Back on the beach we didn't go swimming anymore we just looked around and got are feet wet.

To the hole day of sun I got some sunburn even I used sun creme a lot of times.
All the pictures of the day are on my Facebook-page. Feel free to come and see them.

LG Marie

Samstag, 5. März 2016

We made it!


We did it. We finally made it to Auckland.
The last flight was the worst. No space, almost full booked and again dark the hole time.
I m more than happy to be done with that. And when it's time to go back I will make a stop over somewhere.

To get in to New Zealand we had to go thru immigration, it was pretty easy no one wanted to see are bank statements or anything else. They clean are boots and we could go. On the airport we got picked up by our host.
We drove to his apartment and I toke a shower right away, to get off the airplane stink.
I was not really done, but I toke some relaxing time and later we went to the mall, just across the street, to get some food.
The grocery store is gaint, I was reminded of the US. I was overwhelmed so we didn't get much. Maybe I will go again to day for some snacks, to take with me.
The last thing I did was to walk around a little. Maybe a half an hour. My friend went to a open air movie with our host but I knew I wouldn't stay awake that long so I stayed at home and relaxed and went to bed.

The first night was ok but the jetleg is calling in. Couldn't sleep long and I have an headache. So let's see what today will bring. I have plans to meet up with a friend I made in the US and she lives here in Auckland.


Freitag, 4. März 2016

On my way!!


I m on the plane to London on the way to my work and travel adventure in New Zealand, but I'm not feeling good. I battle a migraine and mood swings. I m happy to be on the way, but feeling so sick, is hard. Sooner or later it will pass but right now I like to cry. I already miss my dog and I m scared for what's coming next. I thinking back and forth, if this was the right decision.
But there is no way back from here. I pray to God to take my migraine away from me, so I can start to enjoy the opportunities which are waiting for me.

Second flight from London to Hong Kong.
After the first flight I was just sick. I had to struggle not to throw up.
But now we just boarded our plane to Hong Kong and I am just amazed. I feel good again and the plane is great. We ask before boarding and now got a spare seat. And its nice here. Own tv and a lot to play with. Soon we will start.

The flight was ok but really long. I even got a couple hours of sleep. Even the food was ok. Of course plane foot can't be as good as others but it serves the needs. I can say over all a good flight, with good movies.
But one more thing , who the hell made me flight so long. I know, I know it was my decision, but 12 hour flighs  are just not mine. I m really happy that the sickness vanished and I hope it will stay away.

Now we are in Hongkong. It is really warm and I  almost lost my phone.We will wait another 1,5 hours and than board the last plane for our journey to Auckland.

LG Marie

Dienstag, 1. März 2016

What is going on with me?

The last posts are very sad and kinda dark and I really don't know what is going on with me.

I feel so much guild right now for every thing. Sometimes even for my thoughts. Maybe it's because I am about to leave, and I feel like I will leave to much behind, or I m just afraid bad things will happen again like last time. (my mom's brain aneurysm for example) I haven't been here and everything had could be over. Thanks God it work out fine. But it's still in the back of my mind. 

I always has been an worry and insecure person but right now it's a little much. I try really hard to distract myself from this thoughts and most of the time it works. Also I know as soon as I m on the plane and there is no way back, I will feel better because I have to.
I m excited for the time coming up even if we already figured out that we made a mistake, but we will learn from it and do it right the next time.
It is just one more day to get over with and than we are heading to Berlin.
I hope I have everything, but New Zealand isn't a 3. World country so we will survive.

And I promise my post will get happier as soon as the leaving part is over.

Thank you

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Sonntag, 28. Februar 2016

Saying goodbye? Or just see you later?


I just had my "good bye party". Just with family and neighbors. Almost the same like 4 years ago, when I went to the US.
But this time I feel a little more sad.
I wasn't pay as much attention as I should. I was distracted by my future hostmom and I think that hurt my grandparents.
I will stop by them on Monday one more time but still I feel sad.
I can't imagine how hard it is for them to let me go again. But I know it is the right think to do for me.
I will miss them and I promised myself to call them all two weeks and I hope I can hold up this promise.


Samstag, 27. Februar 2016

Time issues!!


As my departure comes closer and closer, I struggle with my time management.

There are so many thinks I still  wanna do or need to do, but I m running out of time.
In 5 days I m already in London waiting for the next plane to board.
That sounds so crazy and I still cant believe it.

I packed my backpack today and it is heavier than I wanted it to be, but I have no idea what to take out and leave behind.
I think, all whats in there is essential for me, at least for now. I would like to down size over time, I know I have some just in case items in my bag. But right now I m not quit ready to leave them behind. 

Thinking about leaving gives me a difficult feeling. I know, I will most likely be gone for no longer than 1,5 years and time flies but on the other hand, a lot of things can happen in this time. And I will not be part of it. I m sure I will see incredibility things and places, meet people who chance my live , but at home I will miss out.
Sadly that’s the price I have to pay.


Dienstag, 23. Februar 2016

What's in my backpack? Part II Carry-on


Today Part II of „What's in my backpack?“

As my backpack isn't quite ready yet, there are still some stuff to get. I will go on with my Carry-on.

I will take a small backpack and a little purse.

In the backpack I take:

spare clothes (shirt, leggings, underwear)
toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, cream, deo, comb)
DSLR and cable
point and shoot camera
water bottle
travel pillow
travel guide
second phone

In my purse:

disinfecting wipes
lip balm
some candy
music + headphones
documents (passport, visa)
sleeping mask

Yes and that's it.
Please let my know if I forgot something!
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And here is the first part!

Thanks you


Sonntag, 21. Februar 2016

What's in my backpack? Part I Toiletries

Hey guys

Today I like to share with you the first part of “Whats in my backpack!”
This is a really popular thing on YouTube and I thought I like to try it on my blog.

I have to do it in three parts otherwise it would be to much.

Today I will start of with my toiletries:

I take two wash bags, one for the daily use and one just to store things.
I can already hear some complaints, but I need to take two is will explain later.

In the daily use one I have:

travel bottles of soap and shampoo
a shampoo-bar from lush
a brush
a deodorant
some cream for body and face
an eye cream
a razor
a toothpaste and toothbrush
some flows
some make up (just one concealer, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow)
one lip balm
a tweezer
some earplugs
an hygiene stuff (girl stuff)

In the second one I have:

My med's (and that is taking the most space that's why the second one)
suncream (because everyone is complaining it is so expensive in NZ)
ALBA (a Czech product basic alcohol for sterilizing stuff and wounds)
bug spray
rein (wash detergent)

Big premiere a short video today, I really bad at this so please be patient!

And that's it. That's all I taking for toiletries and I hope it will last long.
If you have any tips what I might forgot please let me know!

LG Marie

Freitag, 19. Februar 2016

[TBT] Philadelphia


Today is the next TBT!
Philly/ Philadelphia



An other city how was not to far away from my AuPair location(which was near Baltimore).
Philly is about 2 hours away from there. I went there several times with different people and meet some good friends there, for the first time. So for me is have a lot of good memory of Philly.

It is a very historical city, with the Independence Hall, the place they signed the Declaration of Independence. So its a very imported city. Right there you also find the Liberty Bell. The bell does not work because of a big crack. How this crack appeared? They are not sure but there are some funny rumors.

Still it is the location of famous films like Rocky or National Treasure (I love that movie).
And if you wanna feel like Rocky, you can try to run up the stairs in front of the the Museum of Art. Or you can just do so for a picture.

If we are speaking of pictures, the most of them are taken (I thing) in front of the LOVE sign.
A lot of big cities have one, but in Philly everyone goes there.

Philly is a great city, you don’t need any public transportation to get to all of the touri stuff and it is just nice.
But if you get off the main streets you can find something else what is famous for Philly.
All over the city there are paintings on walls, they just look fantastic. Philly is a city of art and history and you can see that in every street.

If you have the chance to visit Philadelphia then do it. It is the place where the US was founded.


PS: All the pictures like always on my Facebook page!

Montag, 15. Februar 2016



It's in the middle off the night as I m writing this and I suppose to sleep. There is a heavy day coming up tomorrow, but I can't right now. I have to get this out.

I just watched that video. 

And it made me think about my travel experience and how traveling and living abroad changed me.

The first thing that's jumped in my head was, that I know now, who my real friends are.

Living away from home, all my, so called, friends turn their back's on me and I was always afraid, that this will happen with all people I meet, while live go's on. I thought because of living on the road, I will end up as lonely as I feel in my home town.

But that was not the case. Down the road I met people who I really think and hope they will stay in my live forever. And even if there are 1000's of miles between us, they will never turn their back's on me, just because it is inconvenient, to live so far apart.

And I also learn that never all of the people you meet will keep in touch and that's ok. Even if it's hard. The ones that are worth it, they will stay.

LG Marie



And happy...

Today is Valentinesday. I don't know what I should think about that.

I find nothing special today.
And I think every other single on this earth sees that the same way.

I could say, it's just a day when all couples show us how lonely we are.

No that's not true. To be single, does not mean to be lonely. We just didn't find the right one yet.

Yes that's it.
So I wish everyone a happy Sunday.


Samstag, 13. Februar 2016

[TBT] Washington DC


Today I like to tell you guys some more about Washington DC, the capital of the United States of America.

First time I visited DC was in November 2011. I did fall in love, with this city, right away. I spend 7 days in the DC area and drove into the city at least 5 times.

DC is so beautiful and everything is in walking distance. Take the metro to gallery place and you can walk everywhere.  

When I had to show someone around I always started at the Capitol. Than walking down the National Mall to the Washington Monument. From there to the Withe House, Second World War Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Roosevelt Memorial, Martin Luther King Jr. and ending at the Lincoln Memorial. This tour takes about 4-6 hours depending how fast you work and how much time you wanna spend at the different Memorials. 

If you going to DC and you stay there over night make sure you book a "DC at Night tour" or at least go to the memorials after sun down. The lighting at night is absolutely amazing and you should not miss that.

This is just a short view over DC but there is so much more what I like to share.
That's why DC will get features here several times, with different attractions and a lot of pictures ( to be found here )

Washington DC is one of the few big city's in the US I could imagine to live in. That's how much I love it. 


Mittwoch, 10. Februar 2016

Books Books Books


I recently watch a lot of YouTube. I follow 15 YouTubers some of them for the last couple years.
I was looking for some new channel and found 3 or so.

If you know some fun channels to follow, please let me know.

A few years ago I love to watch BookTubers but the down side is that they recommend so many books and a lot of them sound great and I wanna read them.
But I m a really slow reader so and that means I will never catch up with my “I like to Read”- list.

Today I saw one of the last BookTubers, I follow, doing a Book Tag and of cause she recommend so many great sounding books.
Some of them will end up an my list, I just cant help it.

Sadly my Kindle broke two weeks ago and my day goal is to try a few things, to fix it. Hopefully it will work, I really love my Kindle.
It is so practicable I can have 1000 Books on it and it will not get heavy. Perfect for traveling!   

So fingers crossed!!!

But first I have to write down all the names of my samples because they will be lost for sure.
In the end I sorted out a lot of the samples and I will wait a little before I will look for more.
Probably i should read my books first. 

I hope I will have more time to read in the upcoming year on the road.

Update: I played around with my Kindle and reset it completely and for now it seams to work again!!!!!!
YES I am so happy !!!!!!!

LG Marie

PS: If you have some great book I should look into let me know!

Sonntag, 7. Februar 2016

I think of you


Actually I was planing on posting something about my travels. Like what kind of backpack I m using or how to get the visa. Stuff like that. But I figure that all post I m writing on this matters and I m not currently doing, sound like rotten eggs.
I cant get them out like I want to. So I decided not to do it.

Instead I wanna talk about something I found on Facebook today.

This little text is speaking right out of my soul. When I read this earlier, I got reminded of, how many time, this kind of thought, has crossed my mind.
I m a very insecure person. Even when I m not look like it in public. But if you say something about me, I will over think it for ever. Little comments about me, that others mean like a joke, can destroy my world and make me feel so bad and sad that I like to disappear.

That is a reason why I often think back to people from my past and ask myself

Do they miss me, like I miss them? Do they even still know me? Or have I disappeared out of there lives for good?”.

In moments like this I try to contact this people on Facebook or Whatsapp or on the phone. And most of the time I get disappointed, how few of them will write back. For me that’s always hurtful, even if I know that they maybe just busy or stressed. But that’s me.

So please be patient with me if I annoy you sometimes, I just wanna see if you are okay.

LG Marie

Freitag, 5. Februar 2016

[TBT] New York City 1


Some of you know that I already spent two years of my life in the US.
I was an AuPair from march 2012 to march 2014.
In this time I started this blog, too.

I really regret that I was so lacy and didn’t write on my travel blog, but now it is to late.?

No it is not. I will not be able to rebuild all my experience but I will give you an overlook over the places I visited back than. Tell you which city’s I liked and what to do there.

So under the tag TBT I will introduce you to one of the places I visited in the US and in general.

Starting with:

NYC – New York City 

Everyone always loves NY!
But sorry, I don’t.

I have been there 5 times and the best thing for me were the people I have been with.
New York is big, busy, loud and dirty. Of cause the city has nice places, too. But it is just not my favorite city and no place for me to life in. Sorry! But I always enjoined my time there.

Let's talk about some of the Must Do's !

Central Park – is amazing in the summer and in the winter. It always blow my mind to be in the middle of Manhattan and it can be so quite. Just siting there and watching people work out, sleep in the sun or, in the winter, have fun on the ice, is so relaxing.

Staten Island – A free ride with the Staten Island Ferry is must do in NY. Of course there are tons of people but they are everywhere in NYC. The ferry takes you pass the Statue of Liberty and you have an amazing view at the Skyline of Manhattan. I just recommend doing it at sunset!

Brooklyn Bridge – all the way in the South/east corner it Brooklyn Bridge an connects Manhattan and Brooklyn. The walk over the Bridge is pretty noisy but the view repays you for that. After you crossed over you should eat a Brooklyn Bridge Hot Dog ( I loved it) and go down to the river. Again a great place to take some pictures.

Rockefeller Center – famous for the Christmas Tree but also for the stunning view from the top floor. Rockefeller Center is the less expensive option to the Empire State Building ( I never got in to it because of the price and the long waiting time). You should make a reservation to get there at night, to see all the light of the city that’s never sleeps.

Ground Zero – is free. But because it is free you have to wait forever. I got there right in the morning and still waited almost 2 hours. The memorial it self is nice, less impressive than I thought but you go there more for the history the place has.

Times Square – is so crowed. The most famous place in NYC. It doesn’t matter when you go there, it is full of people, light and noise. We had a hotel there and it was just loud. But if you like shopping and musicals it is the place to be.

This are the 5. most famous places to see in NYC. I m thinking about to do an other one on NY to tell you a little about other great spots and things you maybe just see in the Big Apple.

See you soon


PS: pictures to the places I talk about you will find on my FB-Page, Instergram and Twitter.